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Enhance Your Figure With A Breast Reduction in NY

Breast Reduction NY

Many women with large breasts suffer from back problems, neck pain, and are self conscious about their appearance. Some experience emotional and physical discomfort because of the size of their breasts, limiting social and fitness activities as a result. If this sounds like you, talk to us about the benefits of a breast reduction in NY. The procedure is designed to reduce your breast size to create a more balanced and proportionate figure.

How Can A Breast Reduction Procedure Help Me?

Breast reduction in NY involves removing fat tissue to decrease your breast size permanently. The procedure is well-suited for healthy adult women who are not happy with their current breast size and want to improve their silhouette. If you feel that your social life or overall quality of life are negatively impacted by your appearance, cosmetic surgery may be a valuable option for you. Problems with your posture, asymmetry, chronic pain, and even self-confidence issues can be addressed with breast reduction surgery.

Reasons To Consider Breast Reduction Surgery in NY

Very large breasts may be preventing you from participating in certain activities, lifting heavy objects, or even working out regularly. Some women with large breasts can’t find sports bras or regular bras that fit them properly or provide the support they need. If you’re suffering from aches and pains because of large breasts, find it difficult to find clothes that fit you properly, or are self conscious about how your breasts look in a bathing suit, talk to us about cosmetic procedures that can improve your figure.

Some other reasons to consider this type of surgery:

  • Abrasions or chafing from bra straps
  • Poorly fitting clothes
  • Poor body image
  • Difficulty working out

Many women that undergo this procedure find the results to be life changing; they can finally feel good about themselves, buy clothes that fit them properly, and stop worrying about chronic pain and skin issues.

We’re here to help you achieve your ideal figure so that you can enjoy a better quality of life! Set up your breast reduction consultation with Dr. Scheinman by calling (516) 239-1917 today.