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Upper back pain is typically a result of excessive strain put on the muscles by either poor posture or repetitive motion. But for women with large breasts, the simple weight of their chest can cause this type of reaction and more often than not, breast reduction surgery is the answer.

Although the upper part of our spine is strong, acting as an anchor for the rest of our upper body, women dealing with overly large breasts are prone to this particular back pain. This pain can also lead to long-term chronic pain that lasts for months or even years.

The Link Between Breast Size & Back Pain

Without enough support from surrounding muscles near the upper spine, the size of your breasts can begin to play a part in the severity of your upper back pain. The larger the breasts, the heavier, and that means less support for your spine. Breast sizes D and above can cause this pain and even begin to alter the curvature of your spine, potentially causing more issues regarding your posture.

Temporary Solutions to Back Pain

If you suffer from upper back pain caused by large breasts, there are several temporary courses of action to take.

  • You can purchase a customized support bra. Specialty lingerie shops fit many women with varying breast sizes into custom bras that accommodate each body type, ultimately helping alleviate pain and discomfort.
  • You can consider changing your lifestyle. Adding a strict work out regime can improve posture and encourage weight loss.
  • You can choose to take pain relievers. Over-the-counter medication can help relieve immediate minor pain, and even prescription pain killers can help you make it through the day or night for more severe pain.

But these answers are typically not recommended by physicians as long-term solution because they are not addressing the issue, and can lead to further complications.

Solving Back Pain with Breast Reduction

Often recommended to women, and typically the only permanent resolution to upper pain caused by overly large or pendulous breasts, is breast reduction surgery. Studies have even shown that a breast reduction can actually improve a women’s physical and mental well being.

Breast reduction helps to create a more proportionate upper body so that there is no longer excessive strain being placed on your back. The procedure is also often used to treat asymmetrical breasts, correct downward pointing nipples, and relieve chafing or irritation beneath the breasts.

Do you suffer from upper back pain? Do you have larger breasts? You may be a candidate for breast reduction surgery.