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Marilyn Monroe’s iconic look has always been linked to an elegant and natural beauty, so news of her plastic surgery came as somewhat of a surprise. Monroe proves that when done the right way, plastic surgery can preserve a natural looking beauty. 

According to a recent report in Reuters, there is a set of physician’s notes and X-Rays confirming that Marilyn Monroe had undergone plastic surgery that will be going on auction next week.

The notes – which were written by Michael Gurdin, a famous Hollywood plastic surgeon – are said to contain information on minor facial surgeries such as a slight nose surgery and a chin implant that Monroe had received during the 1950s.

Maintaining a natural look with plastic surgery

One of the common misconceptions about plastic surgery is that it will leave patients with an unnatural appearance. It is true that when done the wrong way by the wrong hands, you can end up with a look that is not quite right. However, board-certified plastic surgeons are well-trained in various procedures and work with patients to achieve a naturally youthful look.

Lately, there has been an increase of acceptance toward plastic surgery, and the rise of non-surgical procedures like BOTOX and injectable dermal fillers are bringing more men and women to the plastic surgeon’s office. As procedures and technology advance, more people have been trusting their surgeons to provide them with the looks that they desire.

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